CityZoe x BIRÒ 

CityZoe Athens Suites, Hometel’s first boutique hotel has decided to expand its services by purchasing Biro, the new 100% electric city vehicle, contributing both to the reduction of environmental pollutants and the expansion of the micro-mobility philosophy.

Biro exudes Italian refinement and style, as it is manufactured in the heart of Italy. Due to its small size Biro guarantees that it will take you to every corner of Athens with ease and safety, with a bonus of parking not being a problem, since it can fit anywhere!

Anyone interested in a Biro experience can rent it from the hotel’s reception for only €35.00 per day.

Guests of CityZoe Athens Suites who choose the Zeus Suite for their stay can enjoy rides with the Biro free of charge. This is no coincidence, since the name is inspired by Zeus the Xenos, the patron of foreigners in ancient times.

Still thinking about it? Don’t waste anymore time! Visit CityZoe and live the absolute Biro experience!